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Join the Consortium

The list of the main parameters of interest for the Youth Vascular Consortium database can be found here. The following data is essential for joining the Consortium: 

  • Consent given for data to be used in future research 

  • Basic participant characteristics (age [0-40 years old], sex, ethnicity, height, weight) 

  • At least one among the following measurements of vascular ageing: pulse wave velocity (carotid-femoral, brachial-ankle, finger-toe, carotid-radial, aortic); intima-media thickness and distensibility (carotid, femoral, aortic, brachial); endothelial function (flow-mediated dilation, peripheral arterial tonometry); augmentation index and other wave reflection, intensity and separation parameters; aortic impedance; total arterial compliance; digital pulse contour analysis; central blood pressure, including: 

  • Relevant information relating to the measurement of vascular ageing (i.e. transit time, path length etc) 

  • Description of measurement protocol  

  • Device/software version used 

  • Measurements of brachial blood pressure (systolic and diastolic, heart rate, and the device and measurement protocol used)  

  • Documentation of each study: 

  • Aim, scope and goals of the study 

  • Population description  

  • Brief methodology 

  • Details of local ethical committee approval 


The data included the Consortium is non-identifiable to the Menzies study group. 

If you are interested in joining the Consortium, please contact us.  

Apply to access data from the Consortium

Research projects can be initiated by any participating research center or researchers outside the participating centers. The project must be presented to and approved by the Research Committee before any access to the database is granted. The Proposed Research Project Form must be completed and submitted to the Research Leads ( Access to the data will be limited to the parameters listed in the Proposed Research Project Form. 

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